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Our Purpose

A platform to empower students to meaningfully communicate ideas that facilitate behavioural changes in people to build a sustainablel world.

What we do

We are currently holding sessions with student speakers, circling around sustainability related topics - covering as many interesting discussions as possible


Read the articles created by our student speakers


Our first article is available:

Munich’s different approach to Plastic Waste Disposal by Jana Walbaum.

In her talk Jana supported the GELBE(R) SACK / TONNE MÜNCHEN petition and if you want to support too, sign it under the following link until 21.06.2021.


Meet the team

  • Valentina Arros: Co-founder
  • Veena Balakrishnan: Co-founder
  • Christina Fischer: Curator and Live Session Coordinator
  • Adrian Koopmann Rocha: Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Hazal Evliyaoglu: Platform Development Manager
  • Bettina Renner: Content Editor and Researcher.


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Our amazing communications team is always ready to answer your questions!

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