Dig With Us Into The Heart Of Green Cities!

We are very honored to invite you to our 27th SRM Talk on Green Cities.

Today, many urban areas are suffering from the negative effects of climate change such as bad air and water quality. Therefore, architects and scientists have combined their efforts for the development of Green cities.

Green or Sustainable cities are cities that are “in balance with nature”. Therefore, they incorporate all forms of nature in the urban form. As a result, urban nature is an ideal provider of services and play a crucial role in city development. In green cities, almost all types of urban spaces are host to urban nature—either random (“wild”) or introduced by human decisions (e.g., trees, plantations). [1] Public green spaces have a positive effect on climate, biodiversity, air quality, and personal wellbeing. Therefore, green cities will become a preferred place to live and work.

Join our 26th SRM Talk to find out more about the importance and future of Green cities! You will not only get interesting and valuable information but also participate actively in the discussion with our speakers!

Meeting Details

Date/Time: January 27th , 17:00 CET
Meeting Location:

About the Speakers

Green cities, Dusty Gedge

Dusty Gedge is President of the European Federation of green roofs and walls associations. He has been campaigning, designing, and working on standards for green roofs for over 23 years. His passion for biodiversity got him involved in green roofs. However, his current focus is on climate resilience and adaptation as well nature. Dusty is responsible, in part, for the successful London green roof policy. Additionally, he is a recognized international authority of green roofs and urban green infrastructure.

Green cities, Thomas Kraubitz

Thomas Kraubitz is Director and Head of Sustainability at Buro Happold Europe based in Berlin. He studied architecture in Germany as well as Urban Planning at Tongji University Shanghai and MIT in Boston. Thomas also obtained a Masters’ degree with Distinction from Harvard University on Urban Design. As a result, he leads the Buro Happold Green Cities to offer globally and co-leads Buro Happold Cities in Europe. His work has a strong focus on resilient urban environments and large-scale sustainability concepts in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Thomas consults governmental, national- and international organizations as well as the private industry and design practices. He is a licensed architect, urban and regional planner, and worked with Ken Yeang, Ma Quingyun, Stefan Behnisch, and Jan Gehl prior to joining Buro Happold in 2010.


17:00 – 17:45   The first talk: “Cities need Customers for Life – Green Cities can win us back!” by Thomas Kraubitz

17:45 – 17:50   Break

17:50 – 18:35   The second talk: “Green roofs – taking it to the next level – Biodiversity, Well-being and carbon” by Dusty Gedge

18:35 – 19:00   Discussion / Q&A Session

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[1] https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-37716-8_1

SRM Talks is an accredited TUM university group from a group of students of the graduate program Sustainable Resource Management at TUM. The purpose of SRM Talks is to organize monthly talks under the motto “SRM talks challenges of the future”. The topics of interest for these talks gravitate around environmental issues and sustainable solutions such as nature conservation, green finance, renewable energy, waste management, etc.

Dig With Us Into The Heart Of Green Cities!

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