Join our 5th SRM Talks recruitment event

5th SRM Talks recruitment

Join SRMTalks 🌿!

We hope that you have enjoyed our monthly talk sessions with professionals in the sustainability field. We are happy to announce that we will have a recruitment event on Tuesday, Feb 1st, 2022 at 18:00! Eager to bring your great ideas and good energy to make SRMTalks even more exciting? Then join us at our recruiting event!

How to participate in the recruiting event? Kindly write us a short bio and your top three team preferences (see team details below) to, or simply use our contact form. Have not decided, yet? Write us also that you just want to join recruiting event to get more details and you’ll have the chance to decide later after the event.

The deadline for email submission is Tomorrow, Sunday Jan 30th until 00:00! Please be aware that we will send zoom link only to ones that have sent email to We would love to see you at our recruiting event!

Speaker’s Acquisition Team
Choosing topics for the next talk, finding relevant speakers and communicating with former speakers after the talk.

Communications Team
Writing E-mail invitations for each talk, advertising SRM Talks on Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, designing posters for each talk, sending out presentation slides by E-mail, taking care of the SRM Talks YouTube channel, and creating videos for certain occasions.

Finance Team
Taking care of financial tasks within the SRM Talks team such as reimbursements and getting in touch with sponsors.

Logistics Team
Before the pandemic, in charge of all logistic activities on the event day such as decorating the venue, finding restaurants to provide food for the dinner after the talk, room booking for the events and the SRM Talks meetings, purchasing gifts for the speakers and sending them; after the pandemic, purchasing gifts for the speakers online, taking care of the participation lists and supporting other teams for a smooth process of work (communication, finance).

Partnerships and Outreach (P&O) Team
Advertising SRM Talks outside the university and getting in touch with similar organizations for partnership, running the website of SRM Talks, taking care of the merchandise, helping SRM Talks to become a non-profit organization, taking care of the magazine “Yearbook”, and auditing the organization.

Your SRM Talks team

Join our 5th SRM Talks recruitment event

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