Explore the World of Sustainable Fashion with SRM Talks!

Sustainable fashion, 30th SRM Talk

We are very honoured to invite you to our 30th SRM Talk on Sustainable Fashion! In our consumerist world, fast fashion has taken over the fashion industry. However, new brands with a sustainable approach are making their way up to the top! Sustainable fashion refers to clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured and distributed in an environmentally friendly way, also taking into account socio-economic aspects. Join our talk to find out more about the Sustainable Fashion industry! As a result, you will get valuable information and participate actively in the discussion with our speakers!

Meeting Details

Date/Time:  June 28th, 17:00 CET
Meeting Location: Zoom
Meeting ID:  689 6463 0794
Passcode: SRMTalks!!

About the speaker

Sustainable Fashion, Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa is the Head of Community at Common Objective. She is a Peruvian entrepreneur living in Sweden passionate about raising awareness and consulting on sustainability, digital marketing, and community management in fashion. She obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in Hospitality Management in Peru in USIL. Additionally, she finished an M.Sc. in Business Administration with a major in International Marketing at Mälardalen University, Västerås. As a result, Mariel became the CEO of the creative marketing agency and global community Slow Fashion World. In her talk, she will share valuable insights from the world of sustainable fashion, so stay tuned!


If you are excited to join and would like to plan your Monday evening better, here is the schedule of our talk:

18:00 – 18:40 Talk by Mariel Jumpa
18:40 – 18:45 Break
18:45 – 19:00 Discussion / Q&A Session

Don’t forget to take a warm cup of tea or coffee to make your journey in the sustainable fashion world more comfortable.

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SRM Talks is an accredited TUM university group from a group of students of the graduate program Sustainable Resource Management at TUM. The purpose of SRM Talks is to organize monthly talks under the motto “SRM talks challenges of the future”. The topics of interest for these talks gravitate around environmental issues and sustainable solutions such as nature conservation, green finance, renewable energy, waste management, etc.

Explore the World of Sustainable Fashion with SRM Talks!

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