Let’s talk about Circular Economy and Sustainability in 32nd SRM Talks

We are very honored to invite you to our 32nd SRM Talk on Circular Economy and Sustainability! About the Speaker Topic: Creating a Regenerative Business, from Sumatra to the world Jane Co Founded & leads āluān and the EcosystemImpact Foundation. Regenerative organisations that bring all pillars of sustainability – social, environmental, economic – together in […]

Rethinking perceptions of agricultural practices

By Rémie Matta. Edited: Bettina Renner  Although “agri” refers to “field”, and “culture” refers to “cultivation”, the term “agriculture” is a rather complex term. It is broad in the sense that it encompasses a large variety of practices and activities. In addition to its core of land cultivation, it includes fertilizer application, chemical and natural […]

Explore the World of Sustainable Fashion with SRM Talks!

We are very honoured to invite you to our 30th SRM Talk on Sustainable Fashion! In our consumerist world, fast fashion has taken over the fashion industry. However, new brands with a sustainable approach are making their way up to the top! Sustainable fashion refers to clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured and distributed […]

Munich’s different approach to Plastic Waste Disposal

By Jana Walbaum. Edited: Bettina Renner As well as all over the world, in Germany, each city prides itself on individual characteristics. Genuinely, the word of mouth about Munich´s uniqueness revolves around the Octoberfest, Beer, Mountains, and Luxurious Car Production. But did you also know that the way Munich disposes of its plastic waste is […]

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability in the 28th SRM Talks!

We are very honored to invite you to our 28th SRM Talk on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability! Join our talk to find out more about the importance and future of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability! You will get valuable information and participate actively in the discussion with our speakers! Have you ever imagined that Artificial Intelligence can […]

Dive into the world of Biomimicry and Sustainability

Meeting Details We are very honored to invite you to our 26th SRM Talk on Biomimicry and Sustainability! Biomimicry uses systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex problems. Because of the diversity of biological systems, a large number of features can be implemented into every-day life. For instance, the aircraft wing designs […]

Know more about Sustainable Mobility in our 25th SRM Talks

Meeting Details SRM Talks on Sustainable Mobility! Date/Time: November 25th, 17:00 CETMeeting Location: Online meeting via Zoom About the Speakers Massimo is an academic coordinator of the MBA Sustainable Mobility Management and senior researcher at the Technische Universität Berlin. He is working on the technology and its wide effects on economic, social and cultural fields. […]

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